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Immersive Content Creation and Production
We provide innovative and engaging 360 VR video content and immersive solutions
from conceptual design to delivery

More than a studio!

Our Work and History Timeline


• Emmy Awards Live Streaming; first VR live streaming in HD.

• Produced Full Motion VR Skateboarding Experience for Nike.

• VR Mapping Application of New York City Subway Stations.


• NASA Atlantic Space Final Mission in VR; VAB tour and launch.

Academy Awards; first live streaming in VR using six cameras

• First Interactive VR College Campus Tour for websites.

• Interactive VR Mapping of GE Power Plant.


• Most watched VR video; Texas Stadium demolition live streamed from inside.

• Created First VR Classroom Learning for Laureate.

• Produced Interactive VR Mapping of DC Metro System.

• Created African Village Tour for Cadbury.


• Choice Hotels – Designed and produced first laptop and VR headset systems.


• Produced 360° Video with Embedded CG and Interactive Branching.


• VR Formula One race with pitstop hosted by Jay Leno.




• Produced VR Aerial Stunt Flight for Schwan’s-Red Baron.


• Pioneered first action VR experience; the 120K Olympic Ski Jump.




• Produced First Ever 360° Video Interactive Immersive Mobile Marketing Experience.


• Created and launched world’s first commercial 360 video and VR test drive.


VR Training


VR Training program for
athletes of all ages

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Created and Produced for the National Safety Council

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VR Live

live streaming solution allows the viewer to personally interact with the content

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Clients & Partnerships

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